your ESG goals



the tech-enabled supply chain platform

for sustainable PCR-plastic packaging supply in Asia


recycled plastic in Asia is in short  supply:

4.2 billion tonnes SHORTFALL


waste supply chain in Asia is tainted:

Risks of modern slavery & material substitution


30% recycled plastic content for packaging is the new normal and consumers


          Fulfill your Brand's ESG commitments by securing quality recycled plastic at competitive prices for your manufacturing supply chain

          With PLASTX, you set the price, giving you better cost control - and reduced compliance imposts through an EPR-aware supply chain

Reduce Costs & Secure Supply

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       • Traceability and verification are the cornerstones for managing the risks of modern slavery and material substitution



      • Don't risk your brand's good name with the taint of modern slavery. With PLASTX you get a transparent and verifiable chain of custody

De-risk Your Supply Chain


           65% of consumers believe they have a responsibility to purchase products that are good for the environment and for society

          Procuring through PLASTX directly helps the environment and improves lives. And you get a compelling brand story to share

Increase Sales & Build Brand

plastx makes it simple...

•use the plastx app to place your order

you specify type, volume, colour, quality - and let us know when and where you need your consignment

•our registered plastx collectors get to work

You can check the progress of your order at any time. Our chain of custody provides complete transparency and auditability

•your plastic is QA checked and transported

We arrange shredding or pelletising to your requirements and coordinate logistics  to your point of manufacture.


responsibly sourced recycled plastic

turning compliance pain

into customer delight!