Buy R-plastic in Asia

Collect Plastic & Earn

For Individuals

Earn extra cash

collecting plastic in your neighbourhood,
home or business.

For Business

Make your

brand shine


Conscious Plastic™.

Collecting Plastic 

I Collect
for my Grandson 
I Collect
for my Family
I Collect
for Me 
I Collect
for my daily Coffee
I Collect
for my Business
I Collect
for a Cleaner Planet 

Collecting with PlastX 

Register online in just a few minutes, to become a PlastX Collector today.

You'll need to have access to a mobile phone and internet, and you have to be of legal working age.

Go online anytime to choose the jobs that suit you, and start earning.

Choose a job, and tell us how much you commit to collecting for that job. You can go back in at anytime as you need to change it.  

Your jobs are all in one place, so you can track details and progress towards getting paid. When collecting outside, remember to wear protective clothing, and collect EXACTLY the kind of plastic that has been requested.

You'll find all the help you need here.

...and GET PAID.


Drop your collected plastic of at the nominated Drop-off Hub for the job and show your Collector ID (take your mobile phone). We'll check and weigh the plastic and then you walk away with your cash! EASY! 

The plastic you collect becomes Conscious-r-Plastic™, ready to be used again in products or packaging by Smart Brands.   

Globally, over 400 organisations have committed to using more recovered plastic (r-Plastic) in products and packaging. In much of Asia this is challenging. So smart businesses are looking for new ways to fulfil their commitments. 

PlastX takes the waste out of plastic. 


For Collectors, PlastX means getting paid for gathering up and bringing in the required used plastic. 

For Brands and their suppliers, PlastX means good business. PlastX not only provides businesses with the recovered plastic they need (by type, colour, condition and location) at market rates, we deliver Conscious-r-Plastic™ - used plastic that is sourced responsibly with traceability and authenticity.   

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