Buy the plastic you need direct from the community.

Making plastic recovery possible anywhere - to create second-life markets and enhance your brand value.



 A demand driven marketplace where specific plastics are recovered directly from the environment where they have landed.


Quality traceable material

You specify the material you want to buy and where you want to buy it from. 


Sustainable trade

Communities are rewarded directly and fairly; the environment is relieved of the burden of waste; your brand benefits from the supply of quality, recovered material; and Society is enriched.


Compelling story

Your brand has an authentic and compelling story to support your social license.


How it works 


Lodge a request

Specify the amount and type of plastic you would like recovered from the environment. 


Track the progress

Plastx receives your request and enables collectors on the ground to fulfil your order. Check progress in real time, as your requested plastic is recovered from the environment.


Receive and reuse

Recovered plastic is delivered direct - ready for its second-life transformation.


Making plastic recovery possible anywhere

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Looking to earn extra cash and help the planet? Learn about PlastX for Collectors.