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PlastX is the tech-enabled supply chain for responsibly sourced r-plastic in Asia

Between increased regulation, compliance imposts, and growing consumer demand for recycled goods & packaging, businesses are getting squeezed.
Brands operating in Asia – where there is a multi-billion-dollar shortfall for recycled plastic – are especially feeling the pain.

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Brands have made commitments to increase their use of recycled plastic but r-plastic in Asia is scarce:

4,200,000,000  tonnes


Existing supply chains are inefficient and fraught with the very real risk of reputational damage from child labour and other malign practices.
At the same time, millions of people live in poverty, and plastic continues to accumulate in the environment.

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UNICEF estimates that in South Asia, 12% of children aged 5 - 14 are involved in child labour:

more than 41,000,000


PlastX connects buyers with registered collectors in the community who source specific plastics to order.

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A secure, chain of custody with full transparency - from collection through to re-manufacture.

For Brand owners: compliance pain transformed to competitive advantage + a deeply compelling brand story.

For Collectors: dignity, self-determination & opportunity where it's most needed.

And did someone say... Healthy Planet?

meet the founders

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their story...


As CEO and General Manager at the Australian Packaging Covenant, Trish and  Ben were tasked with revitalising the co-regulatory framework and setting Australia’s Packaging Sustainability Strategy. 

It was an epic piece of work, which yielded some surprising findings along the way. Like the reasons why Circular Economies fail - particularly in Asia, where a fragmented supply chain results in a fundamental disconnect between waste management streams and the needs of second-life plastic buyers. For the experienced CEO and the Environmental Scientist, it was a light bulb moment...



After a period of intensive development, PlastX - partnered by global sustainable supply-chain experts, Solidaridad - underwent a successful field trial in Noida, India.

With a proven concept, a global partner on the ground, and an enthusiastic customer ready to buy, PlastX is now poised to conquer Asia's plastic waste with its disruptive business model for the new circular marketplace.



Joined by irrepressible brand-driver & strategic marketer, Murray, the trio established their Asia-facing circular economy start-up, The Plastics Circle.

In 2019, Gillian came onboard - bringing rampant creativity, and experience in large-scale consumer-facing ops - to complete the founder skill-set.


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