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The Recovered Plastic you want


Recovered Plastic with Human Rights embedded



How PlastX Works

It's free to set up an account.


Then when you are ready to place your first order, simply tell us what you want to buy - and what you want to pay!

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With PlastX, you can track the progress of your buy in real time, as your requested plastic is recovered in the community. 

This helps you forecast volumes and be across market availability and pricing in the region.   

Your specific recovered plastic will be delivered according to your instructions -
either direct to your manufacturing site for second-life transformation -


Or pre-processed and pelletised ready for use.

When you choose PlastX, you may find people line up to hear your brand story.

You can proudly tell them where and how you procured your r-Plastic.

Tell them about community empowerment and embedded human rights – they’ll be delighted.

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