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cash for plastic

PlastX Collectors are paid fair market rates, and you get paid on the spot, when you deliver the correct goods. Who wouldn't be excited to make money from nothing.

cash for plastic


you're the boss

When you're a PlastX Collector, you choose the jobs you want to do, and you decide when and where you collect. 

It's good to be the Boss

we make it easy

PlastX collectors have access to helpful resources, so you maximise your collecting - and earning - potential.


makes it easy

How PlastX Works

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1. Select a Job

Choose the job or jobs that suit you, and start earning. 

Handy Resources

What Plastic is This? 

A guide to plastics to help you collect and earn. 

Tips for Collecting 

Information to make collecting easy. 


The most frequently asked questions 

What you need to know before registering 


Your Commitment to Collect:

When you commit to a Job the payment for that plastic is reserved for you. No one else can get it. That is why your commitment to collect an amount of plastic for a specific Job is important - we expect all Collectors to deliver the agreed quantity of the right plastic, at the right time, to the right location. If circumstances change for you, just amend your commitment online.  


Who Can be a Collector:

Anyone can be a Registered Collector, as long as they are of legal working age. Families and groups can work together on collections with one Registered Collector. The only condition is that all collections are fair. As much as we want everyone to get the benefits of collecting plastic, people, especially children, have to be respected in the process. 


Your Safety is Important:

Collecting plastics at your work, your home, or at a business is easy and usually safe. Collecting further afield can be just as rewarding, but you may need to take some precautions - for example, gloves and a face mask. Think about where you will collect and what you need before you collect.  



We want everyone to earn as much as they can. But we can only pay for what we asked for and you committed to. We will happily hand over the cash where a REGISTERED Collector delivers their committed collection (amount, type of plastic, condition, colour, location and other requirements) to the nominated hub.  


with every piece collected you're saving the planet.