frequently asked questions

Who can become a PlastX Collector?

Anyone can become a PlastX Collector, provided they are of legal working age.

How will I know what to collect?

When you browse available jobs, the PlastX App will clearly say what KIND of plastic you need to collect; what colour; whether labels need to be removed, and whether the plastic needs to be clean. This guide will help you understand the different kinds of plastic you may have to collect.

Remember to ONLY include the type of plastic requested in your collection

I'm collecting for 2 different PlastX jobs. Is it OK to mix the collections together?

Each job is completely separate. It's important that you don't combine the plastics from other collections

Where do I take my collection?

When you have completed your collection, take it to the

Collector Hub shown in your PlastX App 

What is a Collector Hub?

A Collector Hub is a local business or community organisation that we have engaged to accept and verify plastic collections. 

How do I get paid?

You'll be paid in cash at the Collector Hub, after your collection has been weighed and verified.

What if my collection is late?

When you commit to a delivery date on the PlastX App, it is extremely important that you deliver on or before that date. 

We will always try to accept a collection, but we cannot guarantee payment if your collection is late. 

What if my collection isn't verified?

Verification is required to ensure that your collection is the correct type of plastic, in the correct condition and the promised quantity (by weight). If you have collected the wrong plastic - or mixed different kinds together, the Collector Hub manager will let you know. You can then remove any incorrect material and resubmit your collection for verification. 

Can I collect more plastic than I committed to?

You can increase or decrease your commitment at any time prior to the delivery date by changing the quantity in the PlastX App.

Can the whole family collect together?

Anyone can become a PlastX Collector, provided they are of legal working age.

We understand that families may choose to collect as a group, but it is important to understand that NO CHILD can become a PlastX Collector. Any adult found to be using underage collectors will be banned from the program, and their collections will not be accepted. 


Is there anything else you need to know?

Get in touch and we'll help!